Monday, February 9, 2009

getting back on track

Today was one of those days that I had no tolerence for crisis. My general MO is to thrive in a crisis, so I was as pissed off at myself as I was at my computer, which wasn't working. It illustrated to me just how dependent I am on my computer. On Christmas Eve my darling future daughter-in-law placed my cell phone in my coffee cup on the way to the airport and I didn't discover it until I got home. That is when I learned how very dependent I was on my cell phone, with the prospect of not having it, especially during the holiday. But my computer today was a whole other revelation.

A few years ago I had a terrible motorcycle accident just months after moving to Austin. It left me without the use of both of my hands for a few months. Being the gypsy that I am, my closest friends and family lived all over the place. I hadn't really established a support system here. That was an exercise in dealing with isolation, a lesson I hope not to have to repeat.

So while my favorite way to communicate is over coffee at the kitchen table, I am blessed with this technology that helps me maintain my beloved relationships during this nomadic life that I lead. The real trick is to use in a way that connects not distracts one from those human connections.

Filmmaking begins and ends with story for me, no matter what tools use in the way that communicating is about making it real, no matter what tools, or lack there of, we use.

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