Monday, November 17, 2008

What a perfect First Day……….Luling, Texas

Yesterday was our first day with a whole new crew. We were so lucky with our last crew, but they were busy. Laura Sobel has a new job and was also traveling out of town. Patrick Philips is in Ghana now in the Peace Corps and April Sanchez, I thought was going to still be out of town, but she is back and working hard I am sure, because that is what she does. They were responsible for helping take my vision and setting the tone for classroom instruction. They graciously helped us develop a solid program through our first 3 workshops. We have a whole new crew now that I am just as proud of lead by Keith Maitland and assisted by Elizabeth Adams and Cheryal Loosmore. They are of the same mind and have adopted our intuitively motivated instruction. We have a remarkable group of students and I am once again reminded of just why we are doing this.

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